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IntelliNet Solutions is a privately held company which has been founded in 2004 because of the evident need of complete and high quality solutions on the IT solutions market in Romania.

IntelliNet Solutions has come up as a consequence of observing the trouble met by customers in the perception and comprehension of their IT problems as also the troubles met by the IT companies offering to the customers the solution they are looking for.

Following the concept that only a quality solutions can take to a quality relation with the customer, after studying deeply the customer's need, IntelliNet Solutions is offering complete data and telephony communications solutions. We have bussines partners with high standards, whose services we join to our services and products conducting this way to solutions compsed by:

  • Internet connection at our customer locations,
  • Design and build hardware and software the customer's computers network,
  • Fixed telephony
  • Services which provide fixed internal telephony inside company either inside locations or even connecting all the locations in one interoperabile internal voice system.
  • Secured data connections between the customer's locations ensuring data privacy.

Trying to improve constantly our skills, products and services, we want to understand each customer's goals and offer him access to the lastest technologies and resources while ensurig that these resources will be used at their full power. Continuously improving ourselves and doing our best to offer the best solutions, we supervise each project until it is fully operational in order to customize it and fit it best to each customer's need. This way we ensure our customer's satisfaction.

In our vision, complete solutions have two major characteristics: highest quality and stability during usage.

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